Connection with Toronto

Today I realize I need to make some connections with Toronto. Toronto is a bit like “he” for me. And he needs to like me for me to find better conditions.I suppose I need to explain it first. So I have this belief about every city. They have genders, it can be he/she/gender-neutral. You need to make a connection to build a life. If this accepts you, you are okay. But if it is not you need to move. This is my ideology about every single city. According to my most recent let’s say incidents, I need to establish a bond. Since I want to stay here for a long time, well I have a lot to do. 

So I decided to get lost on purpose. Well actually this has always been one of my strategies when I want to make a connection between the city and me. I drop my google maps, I don’t ask people where to find this and that. I just walk wherever I want,  don’t take a cab or uber. Today I did that. Jus following beautiful streets, like a lost kid. When I see a street with beautiful trees I follow that, good coffee shops or local shops. I just don’t sit in one of them, just follow them. It gives us time to explore, you know. When I do that, it feels like I belong to that city. Lost your way, find a perfect neighbor of your interest, find a perfect place to sit and enjoy your day. I know it is a bit late to that in Toronto. I mean it has been what, one and half years since I moved here. But still better than not doing it. When I was doing that I think I went a bit far, when my CL called me to come where I was, when I told him where I was he started to laugh so hard. Then we realize I walk like 7 km. He told me to take a subway but I refused and he ended up walking with me lol. Sometimes I can be a bit stubborn.

Poop Cafe

I found an amazing place. It is a poop cafe ahahaha. Yes, the decoration and everything is about poop. I didn’t even know that place existed. Okay okay you will understand when you see the pictures. It is fun to just be here. 

Few hours of eating funky junk foods, we decided to go back to our neighborhood. When we were on our way to home (of course I insisted on walking) we found a very exotic place to shop for all natural rocks, incense, and some axotic stuff.
The place is called Piya’s Boutique. We always wanted to buy incense for our house and some natural stones for making our house more peaceful and stress free. You should discover this place, I mean it. It is forbidden to take a picture, that’s why I couldn’t show you guys how this place is, what they are selling. Owner is super friendly. They suggest things based on your interest, not the expensive ones. I am going to show what we bought and how cool it is. You should definitely try that if you are interested in that stuff. 

When we were thinking we had ended our day, we bumped into a books and magazines festival in our neighborhood. It was pretty cool. There were authors and their fans etc. It was a bit heartbroken to see there is more line in the drink truck than book booth. 

I am still not sure if we could make that connection, but I have high hopes.  Anyhow, it was a perfect day with a perfect end. 

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