The Thousands Islands

Omg omg omg, I checked one of the most wanted to know places of mine. It is thousands island tiimmee bitcheezz! 

First I need to talk about my week, you will understand my feelings with that picture.

Here we go

Another fail

So, you know I mentioned that my boss told me she would apply for being my sponsor but she keeps post phoning it, I didn’t know what to do etc. This time I actually decided to take action. So I searched lots of LOTS OF immigration offices. I called 36 of them. Yes, now I have 4 more options. On my day off which was Thursday we went to Brampton with my common law ehehehe yes we are common law, to visit those immigration offices. After 4 hours of talking, discussing and questioning we came up with 4 options. When it was 6 PM we were tired AF and decided to get off at Yorkville and have dinner. Finally we were at the cashier, I paid my dinner, my CL(common law) was about to pay his dinner, realize that we lost his debit card which we put all money we have. It was 6 PM and we were hungry and tired and we realized that we lost our safety money. You cannot even imagine how we were behaving at that moment. He was running around, I was trying to call the bank. There were babies who cried a lot, people who laughed a lot and let me tell you something, when you need to hear every word that is said, there must be lots of noises around you. It is like a must! Anyhow, 43 mins of sweating finally we managed to eat. 

I just wanted to have a little baby

After arriving home for a bit of relaxation, I wanted to sit on our terrace, at the top of our building. Just a few days ago, I put my baby avocado on the terrace to sunbathe. It was just a little baby. When we reached the terrace of course I wanted to check my baby. Someone stole it. Not the whole thing, not the vase, just my baby was gone. I just started swearing. At that point I felt like this is it. I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want to try for better things, don’t want to fight for a better life, better future, for my dreams. Maybe I was egzajereting it on but I felt like the universe was against us. Whole energy around us, against every little thing that we are wanting. I was thinking, we are trying to be okay, yes we dont help people but we are not harmful to anybody. I was trying to figure out who I hurt so badly. Of course it was a reaction of a combination of little accidents. Thank God, I havent lost my beloved ones or nobody could have stolen our money. But still, it hurts when you are trying your best to build your life and facing some kind of bumps. 

1000 Islands time bitcheezzz

On Friday we decided to do something really nice for ourselves. And we ended up at the Thousand Island Toouurr! Definitely will try to live on an island one day, even for 3 months. It is also a MUST! Wind was a bit tiring but still, the view was amazing. Btw, a tour for 3 hours is 52 dollar, just to let you know. 

Tried my best to show you, hope you like it:)) 

Here is the link
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