Quarantine period


It is my second week in Toronto now but I am not sure if I am in Toronto or not. I have been in hotel for 3 days I am staying at Parkside Student Residence now. The only thing that has been changed is my stupid weight and my apparency. Now I have a little 12 days belly of muffins, rice, pasta and lots of meals. But anyway I can work on it. I finally managed to cope in this time zone and finallyy could wake up at a normal morning hours.

My courses started as soon as I arrived here. I think I slept during my very first course with open eyes, because of the stupid time zone thing. Even though every part of my body was screaming like what the hell is going on up here, I have a big smile on my face and I literally cannot stop it. I have a feeling that I really can work things out in here. I know it will be a loonng and tiring road but I have hope and dreams. I just need to get a little victories as an achievement. As my first achievement I managed to lock myself into the common area of my dorm room. Early in the morning I need to take one of my tshirt from my suitcase (of course I didn’t take out my things from my suitcase for 14 days). I have no idea but my stupid brain decided to close my rooms door and bam, little kebab can’t go out and can’t go in. That happens at sixish, I had to wait until my breakfast comes to my door so that I could tell to someone. Of course after lots of facetiming with my family and thank to my brand new battery of my phone(and thanks to take your phone to everywhere habit) I could get in to my room at tenish. Little achievements fellas little achievements…

Anyway anyway, there is a building in front of this residence and there is an empty apartment. I dreamed about me in this building with my wine and my dog at my 30 somethings. We are making barbecue at the rooftop with my friends. I really can see myself in this picture.

I know its not that big dream but actually it is for me. Because I need to build a life in here. Anyways, I will be released in 2 days fiinaallyy. I need a walk.

See you soon bitchez!

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