Let’s Get High


First time I got high outdoors. One word:horrifying lol. The road from the lake to my home fellas, that road the most long road I have ever been and it took 11 hours of flight from Turkey to Canada, think about that. We smoked towards the lake, it was soooo relaxing but when we got up and tried to walk, oh boy! I need to admit it, it was like walking on air but not moving at all.   

Btw guess what! We had a huge fight with my roomie. I am assuming that you guys figure that sometimes the boy from my class and I are staying together in my house or his place. My roomie wanted to talk with me one day early in the morning. And he told me that if the boy from the class and I pay him a little amount of money, the boy from the class can stay here otherwise I could be kicked out. Think about it, I found the place for them, I requested something like that he could stay here, I was staying alone and I can be kicked out. Actually he can bite my ass! I decided to talk with my brother’s friend who owns this place. Then we had a huge fight ower this. At the end he apologized but still he ruined my whole day. Anyway. I don’t care about it.

On these days I am pissed of my country. I don’t want to hear or read any news about Turkey. There are so many fires that the government doesn’t even send 1 extinguisher, so much news about rapes. I am so glad that I am not living with that kind of people in Turkey. I still have fear when I walk at midnights but I will get used to not feeling fear.

Anywaayyss, I have weird news for you. You know right now I am working as a barista which I love. But there is a thing, I need to ask for my salary. I mean he is so nice, the place is beautiful but isn’t it weird for me to ask for my salary like every two weeks. I didn’t get my tips either. I am not sure if things are working like that in Canada but even in Turkey I don’t need to ask for my tips. I don’t want to change my job, I love to be here, work with those people but I need to save money, you know. I need to think about myself. I am trying to save money for public college and it’s not easy. And I am working hard, deserving of that money. I don’t know what I am going to do. I will wait for a couple of weeks I guess. 

I know it’s not a discovery for you guys but we found the best view and best place to have a picnic. I love the culture here. Having a picnic in every single place and park. It is called Trillium. The best hill, best view of the lake, peaceful. In my opinion better than Riverdale. 

So that’s all for those weeks.

See you bitchezz!

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