After Prison


Henloo bithez I hope you are doing greaatt because I feel aweesomeee! This two weeks fellas this two weeks it was just shheesshh! First I must say that I was so lucky about finding apartment actually I didn’t find it, this apartment finds me. My brothers best friend is living in Canada about 10 years but I never expect something from him. I take the risk and never rely on somebody but things changed my friend things changed. He has an apartment which he uses rooms for Airbnb and it was empty for so long because of the pandemic. He talked with me and told me that ıf you want after student residence you can just move in and the room will be like half of its price. I meeaann bitcheezz! I know that one of the students difficulty is finding a place to live because we have a limited budget, limited location knowledge, not knowing someone who knows someone(you know I have friend who wants a roommate kind of someone) Here I am with a 3 rooms, beautiful bathroom and a blue(which is my favorite colour) room. Yes fellas yes! My journey began awesome!

On my second day of normal life I earn my very first 11 cad. And I met with the most annoying Turkish gal in Toronto. Omg this 2 weeks I met lots of Turkish people. With one of my cousins friend, my friends friends and so on…

My cousins friend visited me with a Turkish gal. And it was my freaking second day in Toronto. We were talking about like do you want to stay in Canada, how come, how do you think to manage to stay here. I told that I want to find a sponsor if I cannot, I will go to public college. She turned with tee hee and said ohh so they wouldn’t find any Canadian and they want you to be their employee, specifically you! I am sure that this will happen to you, thats why people has to go to public colleges! I was like wtf! You asked me! But in my head. Instead of saying get the hell out of here I said I wouldn’t know thats why I told you that maybe I need to go to publc college. And she began to talk about how unhappy she is, how bad is this place, if I were you I wouldn’t try to stay here bla bla bla. I mean it was my second day you asshole! I just started to live my new life. I was like I will try, I will see but at that point I was speechless. I was getting angry and angry.

After they left I felt like I need to do something right now. I decided to take my insulated bag and do uber by walking. That is how I earn my very first 11 cad and I felt relief. I can do that and she can f*ck of!

On 21th of April I woke up and I saw that snowy amazing view. Immediately putted my coat on, took a walk. I was living at the hottest city in Turkey, so waking up to this view is not my usual. I feel so fresh and belong this place.

I have also strange news for you. There is a guy in my class. We started to talk when I moved in this new place and we are talking constantly since then. Of course this is not the only thing we do.

Actually I didn’t want to get involved any kind of relationship because I can attached to someone or something sooo easily. Also my previous experinces was terrible and I ended up being sad and miserable. I don’t want to feel the same way in here because when get that point my mom was always with me. She was taking care of me, now I am here and all alone. I don’t know how to deal with that emotions alone! But it happened anyway. He is so unfamiliar for me, he is gentle, he cooks for me sometimes, encouraging me last but not the least he is a cuddler! I told you fellas I had very bad experinces in that area, even those things are plus for me. We don’t want to put a label but so far it is going fine. I don’t feel like in love which is great for me because I can easily turn into a maniac.

He is also doing uber with his bike. We are getting coffee after work, attending class together, basically doing almost everything together.

Let’s say so far so good.

April 25, 2021

Saved money and got my biikkee. I am doing uber with my beauty right now! It has been so tiring doing it by walking. My feed was oohh I don’t want to get in there but you understand. Saving money and buying someting like that makes me feel free you know. That was not a little achievement for me my friend. I know it is second hand but still. It is a great achievement for this week!

Little note: that boy from my class also came with me to grab my bike. He is making sure that I am okeeyy!

One week later, my bike had somehing about the chain when I was delvering food. It wasn’t work as it should. I was staring to it with a face like a wet weekend. One guy came and asked if I want a help, and in there at that moment. Thank you total strange man! I fell I am at the right plaaccee. So far so good my friends so far so good.

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