Baking Queen Yaaz!

Hello bitchez!

I found a job! Actually I found an internship! It’s unpaid but, BUT I think this is a really good opportunity for me to step into an office job. They interviewed me through the phone. And they send me some questions like what do you expect to learn, what types of assignments or tasks are you expecting etc.

Btw I think I’ve never mentioned my baking passion.

I’ve always loved making cakes, traditional desserts, and finding different receipts. I was also posting my brochures and my business cards to facebook marketplace. And I am trying to post them weekly because I am trying to build regular customers. Someone from Operation Groundswell reached out to me. They told me that they were having an International Food Festival. Of course I said yes, yes to the booth lol. It was not a failing moment for me but of course it was my very first experiment. I sold like 60 dollars worth of products, I spent triple the amount of this amount lol. 

See you bitchez!

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