Breaking Point

Hi bitchez!

I had a breaking point at work last week. I was out of black tshirts that I wear at work so I’ve decided to put on my basic sweatshirt because I’ve known that I will wear my apron and everyone except me is wearing shirts or sweatshirts that have different colors. My boss wasn’t there but anyway. She was constantly calling my co worker and saying Nuket has to change her shirt while my friend was wearing a fucking colorful shirt. After I’ve arrived there how the hell I am going to change my fucking shirt? Anyway, after a while my boss sent her(not me, to my co-worker) the rudest message that I’ve ever received. She was talking about my bad manner and how my ex-boss accepted me with this manner. Then my friend gave me a fucking black shirt and I changed it. Then I realize whatever I do will not be accepted by her. I will always be the annoying one. All my friends at work are saying that right now I am even faster and effective than before and I am actually good at my job. 

After that I’ve started to search for an internship. Actually my co-op term is beginning in March. But I can’t take this behavior anymore. 

I know I am talking bad things but this is what is going on right now. After beautiful vacation this is my fucking reality.

See ya!

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