Small or Not Small


Hello friends! How are yoou? I am trying to survive these days. I don’t have a day off. Actually I dont give myself a day off because I want to save more money. It is going way too slow. But anyway after 3 weeks I have a break maybe, it is still maybe I will go to Montreal. I can take a little rest there. For now I don’t need to lay down for even 5 minutes lol.

Last week after class,when I was waiting for the streetcar to go to my friend’s house, I was listening to one of Lady Gaga’s songs. I couldn’t help myself to think about how powerful and strong she is. Her way to explain how she feels through her songs, I mean she dropped Alejandro when she was 24. Then it led me to how there are no judgemental eyes and faces in Canada and USA.

 I mean of course there are but I think it is about growing and living in a creative, judgement free environment. 

This week we went to the Van Gogh Exhibition. That is what I am talking about. It is about living in the art atmosphere. I am working a part time job and I can afford this ticket while I am putting some money into my savings account. When I go to one random park there are always musicians, painters. At one park there is even one piano for everyone. This is what I am talking about, the environment. Btw I have to say that the exhibition was a nice experience for me. At some point it made me so emotional. I was about to cry but I didn’t let myself.

Of course this week I had some drama queen moments. One of my Turkish friends decided to arrange a Turkish night for our classmates. He found the place and made a reservation. And invited everybody in the class. Going out is optional right? I mean it should be my decision. But of course no! The reservation and fixed menu was totally 60 cad. I found it way too expensive and didn’t want to go. I actually want to tell this to my friend but my bf decided to tell a white lie because he knew that that guy can be such a drama queen. We said that I have a migraine and it was all okay. After that night he decided to leave all friends whatsapp groups and instagram groups because we did not attend that Turkish night.I think back in Turkey he had no friend group because this behaviour is just about his ego. I think he has a small dick. I mean he has this super big ego, it should be small otherwise there is no explanation about this ego. I don’t care. He can do whatever he wants. 

So that’s all I guess, nothing much.

See you all, thanks for being here.  

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