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Things are Getting Up and Down

I went to Niagara, I went to Niagara. I’ve seen that holy freaking falls at night! Not in a day light. It was magical fellas. That lighting, that sound of water, feeling totally free. I wasn’t thinking that I would go on touristic travels. Because I’ve prepared myself to work, study and work. There is a corner that you can totally be so close to the water, I couldn’t keep myself to think about the suicide percentage in here. I mean you cannot try to kill yourself in here and not drown or accidently not to kill yourself. There would be no second chance here. You just need to jump into water and that’s all, bum. If by any chance, one day, If I want to kill myself I will totally come here. 

After we finished  our little tour, we went to our friend’s house(from our class, yes I made friends from class ehehehe) in this area. I smoked my first weed here. It was totally ughh. I never ever smoked in a crowded place again! I totally got lost, I started to shake because I felt so cold then I couldn’t even pee. After a while, got so emotional, leaned on that boy from my class(we went there together of course). I told you we don’t want to put a label on it, my stupid brain decided to want to put a label on it in that day. I mean why? why? You told him to not want a relationship you crap bag, and now with a full of pee, you decided to want a relationship. ugh, NEVER,EVER! 

After a couple of days we went to other touristic places, Georgian Bay, Inglis Falls. Lots of falls! As I was telling you, I’ve never thought that I can go to touristic places. It was okay, not a perfect road trip but okay. Our friend wants to listen to arabesque music which I am not that familiar with. Of course I was sharing my moments on instagram, I think because of my jealous, emulate friends my bike’s back tire got stolen. I couldn’t do uber for 2 days! For 2 days! It was totally a big loss for me. Anyway this situation caused a good thing. I bought an e-bike yay! But omg bad things keep chasing me. Okay so I ordered that e-bike online and I assume it will pick up my bike as a bike not like a bike’s parts! It was in the box so on the sidewalk near a recycle bin, started to rip. Omg there is no bike, there are just parts of the bike. After a couple of wtf I am going to do screams, I call an uberxl, and magically arrive at home. I don’t want to mention but there was lots of back pains after lots of lugging and pushing. Four and half hours later I managed to put on two tires. Of course it was not in the right position but it helped until the Uncle Jacob(bike repair shop). 

Things are getting a little down and up sometimes. 

See you soon bitchez!       

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