Not Much but Fine

I hate Junes so I skipped the whole month. Really I don’t know what the problem is this month but I am not enjoying it. I was doing uber, discovering the city bla, bla, bla.. Anyway, anyway; I got a job, Canadian experience kind of joobb omg! I am a barista right now yay! I love to drink coffee, why not make it! The place is super duper nice, it is a Latino cafe, the owner is so nice. He thanks me for everything I do, he encourages me for basically everything. Also he is always with me to teach all kinds of coffees and cash out. Now I know the difference between a developed country and a developing country. People, bosses, managers, are not treating you like you are a slave, they treat you like you are a human being. I met so many nice customers in this cafe. They are talking with me, wondering about my story about coming to Canada. I really feel like I can work here for the rest of my 8 months. After that I need to find an office job. There is one customer who treats me really nice.Everyday he comes to the cafe and he asks about my day, parts of my life, sometimes he even waters the flowers. This is the attitude. This should be an attitude to servers! 

And me and the boy from my class went to the Historic Distillery District. What a lovely place fellas. Took lots lots of pictures. Looks like a cartoon you know. I want to open a cafe in that area some day. I hope. 

Btw I have a roommate right now. I was living alone as you know. One of my classmates was looking for an apartment and she came to look at that spare room with her boyfriend. We ended up becoming roommates with her boyfriend lol. And he is Turkish. Please dont let me down Turkish boy.

See you soon bitcezz!  

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  1. New Media Works Avatar
    New Media Works

    Hi Nukeettas 🙂

    I like your blog (I think — just discovered it right now) … and / but for me the title (“ONE SMALL KEBAB IN TORONTO”) sort of stays put in the middle of the page, making it difficult for me to read the text without getting distracted.

    Also, think links at right cover other text sometimes. Plus, the links are super weird, like sometimes with the date, other times without the date (even if they’re “posts”, like this one.

    For ONE SMALL KEBAB you certainly seem to create a LOT of trouble! (LOL)

    🙂 Norbert

    1. Hiii oh thank you so much for letting me know! I will try to fix that title problem
      I hope you enjoy :))

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