Niagara again!

We went to Niagara agaaiinn because when we first visited there, every activity and places were closed due to the pandemic. Now we enjoyed every single thing there. I must admit it, it was awesome! The place is like walking in a cartoon. There was one building that was half horizontal and on the building there was a worker going up and down. First, I looked at the building and thought it was so dangerous to climb that horizontal building. After a while one of my friends told me that he thought it was a real man, then I realized that it was fake lol. It is a real success. And that boat tour fellas OMG, I screamed, everybody screamed when water splashed lol because of the excitement. I also gambled ehehehe. After I lost 25 dollars lol I realized I wanted to lose more so we decided to leave, also the boy from the class pissed off our friends because they were telling me what to gamble.I will be honest I was also getting a little angry.  

And I have bad news. I started to look for another job. I was talking with my brother about asking for my salary every time. Because when he looked at me he can see that I am thinking something bad. He pissed of so bad that he told me ıf you don’t quit your job I am going to call you the most stupid girl in Canada. You wouldn’t ask or beg for what you deserved. I think he is right about that, that’s why I am looking for a job even though I don’t want it. 

I wish that he pays regularly and gives us more hours to work.

Also some stupidity came along this week. One of my friends is working at Starbucks. So she asked me if I wanted her to suggest me to the manager. Of course I jumped into it. I attended the interview. After my interview, we talked with my friend that works at Starbucks. She told me some things that are not fit for me. When manager called me to celebrate me for getting in, my stupid brain decided to say no to Starbuck. No to Starbucks! I mean who I am to say no to Starbucks. Omg! I am such an idiot sometimes. Of course in a minute I regret to say no. Whatever happened it happened.

Kiss kiss bithez that is all!

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