1 week 4 cities!

Hello bitchez!

I’ve just come back from vacation. One week, four cities! It was actually quıte awesome. First we went to Ottawa from Toronto. We took rideshare. It was sooo comfy. I really like the aura of that city but people are a bit racist. So we were in front of the huge Ottawa sign in the middle of the city. We were waiting for our time. One family was trying to take a good picture but it was okay we were the only ones there. The family was pakistani.

Then that white Canadian family just came in front of that sign letting the kids run around, the father stood just in the middle of that sign where the Pakistani family was trying to take a picture. The father was just standing there and doing nothing. Other day, we were sitting at one local cafe, and there were lots of birds, pigeons. They were just sunbathing at that cafe, doing literally nothing. One customer decided to kick them! Of course some of them started to move around on the patio, other two people started to kick them just because they didn’t like to be around them. I really hate to be there.

 I don’t know. I mean its fucking common sense. When I first came here, I was super nice and happy because I assume that people here are super duper nice. This was the case about Canada for the outsider. In every website, every blog you can read that people are super nice. Day after day I’ve seen such behaviours exactly like that example. That is why I was feeling so down before going on that vacation.

After Ottawa we jumped to Quebec by train. I didn’t like to use the train. It took so long to get there. But I have to say something, Quebec train station is another level fellas. It smells like history, a magical place. Even from then beginning the city was just magical. Weren’t they racist? Yes, they were. We were speaking English with them and they were responding in French lol. Like living in a nut factory lol. I wish I could speak French and live there forever.

I felt the same feeling for Montreal also. For going to Montreal we took Kangride. Oh I almost forgot, we also go to the Trois rivieres. It’s really small, one hour later we’ve seen all the city lol. Then we took Kangride. During the time in Montreal we were soo tired and I got my period, my bf got the flu. But we were okay. We enjoyed a lot. In Montreal, I can say there is definitely no racism.

In the end, I am in Toronto again. I feel like I don’t enjoy being here. I am always tired, feeling like I’m wasting my life, not achieving something.

Hope everything will be okay. Bye for now.

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